Shepherd the Flock

Shepherd the flock with tender, loving care.
Shepherd by life and one another bear.
Christ shepherds us by searching for His sheep
And brings us to Himself, our pasture sweet.
Have we not found green pastures for a bed,
Waters of rest, and paths where we are led?
His life sustains us, guides us inwardly,
Through darkness and through death victoriously.
Mountains majestic, streams with cataracts,
Joy in our Lord protects us from attacks;
Rescued, uplifted with sustaining pow'r,
His presence is our refuge hour by hour.
Day after day, by taking in the Word,
We're nourished and, believing, reassured.
So much of what we know subjectively
Proves God is caring for us tenderly.
His care provides our every inward need,
Binds all our wounds ‘til we are buoyant, freed;
Our Father's love heals broken, wounded hearts,
Restoring fellowship, His life imparts.
God's heart toward us is good in every way;
And our hearts too, in all we do and say,
Can minister and build up all the saints;
With cherishing and kindness, love constrains.
Tend to the sheep and care for all their needs
‘Til, lacking nothing, God's supply exceeds
Whatever seems too much for us to bear,
Restored in heart and soul by loving care.
This way requires the maintenance of life,
The cross annulling selfishness and strife.
No more opining; live in such a way
That every word we speak God's smiles convey.
Treasure the saints; each one is such a gift.
Obey the Lord, our King, and mend each rift.
Honor the Body, holding to the Head;
His covenant of peace enjoy instead.
Our words and actions are the doorway in,
Letting Christ live and building to begin.
Let each lost sheep be on our shoulders borne;
Thus, stitch upon each stitch, love's garb adorn.
What righteousness shall we thus demonstrate?
Christ is our boast, our hope, eternal weight.
The Father loves us as He loves the Son
And in the oneness we too love as one.
Leslie Schoenecker

Spokane, Washington, United States

This is my favorite song. :)