The Living Word of God

In the beginning was the Word.
The Word was God Himself.
And when time’s fullness came, the Word
In flesh incarnate dwelt.
The Word defines, explains, reveals
The “I Am Who I Am,”
The living Word named Jesus Christ,
God’s breath breathed into man.
This Man became the Spirit then,
Whom we by faith receive.
He’s now the Man enthroned on high!
How can we not believe?
The living Word our spirit stirs,
As we to God draw nigh,
In spirit by the Spirit blessed
Beneath an open sky.
Receive salvation’s helmet and
The Spirit as a sword,
Which Spirit is the Word of God,
By means of prayer’s accord.
At every time, pray watchfully
In spirit, in God’s care,
Petitioning for all the saints,
Thus one another bear.
If God is for us, who indeed
Can be against us still?
Who brings a charge ’gainst God’s elect?
Christ intercedes and will.
The love of God in Jesus Christ
Encompasses all things,
So naught can separate us from
His love, which sonship brings.
As we take in the Word, we too
Express God corporately,
Like-minded e’en like-souled become
With God the Trinity.
Receive the Word by daily prayer
In such a living way
That darkness can’t avoid the light
And death to life gives way!
The Word is living, operative,
And sharper than a sword,
Dividing soul from spirit by
The light therein outpoured.
God’s presence and God’s speaking mark
God’s Sabbath rest for us;
He speaks, we rest, and all is done.
His way is effortless.
Our preparation as the Bride
Depends upon the Word
That sanctifies us inwardly,
Imbues us with the Lord!
God purposed in Himself to have
A peerless counterpart,
Preparing us through words of life
Inscribed upon our heart.
The Spirit calls us — overcome!
Yea, hold fast what you have!
Take, eat the tree of life, be fed!
In Christ be strengthened, glad!
With hearts believing, ears to hear,
And eyes for Christ alone,
As one we cannot help but say,
“Yes, come Lord, quickly come!”