All Scripture is the very breath of God

Maria Levi

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Amen! All Scripture is God's very breath, breathe to us into words by His Spirit.

The breath of God is light to man to illuminate him; and it shines in the darkness to reveal to man what his true need and actual state is.

The breath of God is life to man to impart the divine nature into him; and it quickens and regenerates the dead, transforms the soul-life and renews the heart.

The breath of God is wisdom too, to teach man the divine knowledge; and it shows the Lord's eternal purpose, to lead man to reach God's final goal.

The breath of God is strength to man, to transmit the divine power to him; and it strengthens the weak and empowers the faint, to enable man fully fit for God's purpose.

The breath of God is for us to breathe, that we may enjoy God as our portion; and we receive Him by exercising our spirit, to avail of God's wealth and meet our need.

Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

Thank you Lord Jesus for your word! All scripture is God breathed; as light, as life, as wisdom, and as strength. Wonderful!


Orrstown, PA, United States

I hope there is a wording for this hymn, I forgot already. Please please sing with wording.

Thank you,

Oh Lord Jesus help me to sing this hymns (1 Cor. 1:24).


London, United Kingdom

All the divine attributes of The Lord is revealed in this Hymn. All Scripture is God's breath, God's speaking is His breathing. Whenever God speaks, His breath conveys His element into the ones who receive His word. God is light, life, wisdom, strength to man. As we breathe His word we imparts them in our being. Receiving it by spirits exercised our need is met and His wealth we may employ. Hallelujah!


Diamond Bar, CA, United States

Yes the scripture is GOD-BREATHED!

HE IS THE VERY SOURCE OF LIFE! The Lord gives off light to shine through this dark age! He is the very source of energy to provide us the strength of the day. He is the mighty ONE!!! WE JUST NEED TO TELL THE Lord that...

Lord provide us the strength for the day...

Lord give us the light to shine through the day...