Worldly affairs encumbered me; till the Lord said, “Come, follow Me!”
I was exhausted, faltering; still He called and would not leave me be;
At once, when I responded: “Yes!”, He shined His glad’ning ray!
Glory, rest, shouts of praise fill all my days as I follow on His way.
Though in this world a way exists
Filled with crowds with greatness obsessed;
My heart already is possessed, let those who would take it try their best;
Lord, I’ve been sanctified by Thee, For God alone I’m meant,
My all is in Your sovereign hand, all for the new way to be spent.
No man can serve two masters, from God and the world seek reward,
Whether ’tis spent or whether reserved, ointment can but once be outpoured;
Lord, You’re my only one true love, I’d ne’er repent nor swerve.
Lord, You alone are worthy of all my life and all my love.
  Upon this altar of consecration, supply the flame; refine me, I pray;
Lord, You chose me, ’twas mercy and grace; Gladly I choose Thee, to repay.
The days of this life don’t seem that special, but the earth to heaven they join;
In Your smile’s delight, I fix my sight, running towards th’ eternal crown.
Maeriehl Roxas

Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines

Earlier today we had a fellowship concerning church history and it made me treasure and appreciate the practice of the God-ordained way even more. We are blessed to be in this age; wherein there is no longer only one man speaking in our church life nor are there just a few people who know how to preach the gospel or shepherd the saints. The brothers who have gone before us have paid a great price for us to recover these practices today. May we not become a factor for it to be lost again. So as I was listening, in my spirit I was singing this line: "My all is in Your sovereign hand, all for the new way to be spent."


Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

I fell in love with melody and to the lyrics. I've been hearing the first word but not the whole song. And I've heard the brother's practicing the hymn I sit and listened the lyrics do pierced through the heart. Lord, You're my only One true love.

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

What a sweet song remaining in one's head! The words are easy to associate with....

Mary Rejoice

Lagos, Imo State, Nigeria

This song has really helped me a lot, in hope ad in fulfilment, my heart is so heavy, God pls see me try.


Taipei, Taiwan

This song is translate from Chinese. Right??

Spencer the dispenser

San Francisco, CA, United States

I've been waiting for this song to be translated for years!! I even tried myself but it was too hard to fit everything in. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer and thank You for the members in the body!! Lord we consecrate ourselves willingly!!