In God’s economy Christ is unique

In God’s economy Christ is unique;
He holds the first place and centrality.
All is in Him, through Him, and unto Him;
He is all—the universality.
  Christ plus nothing,
Christ plus nothing is everything;
In God’s eternal economy
Christ plus nothing equals everything.
Within the Godhead the center is Christ,
In Him the fullness is pleased thus to dwell;
All that the Father is He doth express
And of His Person the Spirit doth tell.
The universe was created through Christ,
In Him do all things cohere and subsist;
Framed by His Word and upheld by His power,
As the Firstborn in whom all things exist.
Looking away from the prophets and law,
Christ, God’s delight and beloved, we see;
For all things testify concerning Him,
Of all the shadows, the body is He.
In the new man Christ is all and in all,
In resurrection the Firstborn is He,
All persons, matters, and things are crossed out,
Christ alone is the constituency.
The New Jerusalem will consummate
With Christ, as Head, over all things to be
The Lamb enthroned—its unique centerpiece
Ruling and reigning for eternity.
Christ as the element, sphere, means, and goal
Must be our center, our focus, and aim;
In God’s economy Christ must be all:
The inward substance and the outward frame.
Oh, may it be—Christ plus nothing in me;
Neither my old man self-cultivating
Nor substitute, nor addition to Thee
But Christ as all and in all—everything.
Rebecca J Berglund

Salem, Oregon

I LOVE the divine math! CHRIST PLUS NOTHING EQUALS EVERYTHING. How wonderful He is continuously! He is the wonderful ONE!