One Person and One Way

In God’s economy,
The Lord is all there is,
One Person with one way, in all,
The God-man living His.
God does not give us things—
He only gives us Christ.
God’s gift, the Lord and Head of all,
In all things does suffice.
There’s only room for Christ,
The One who’s all in all.
In Him, the natural man is null
And has no place at all.
In Christ, there is no Jew,
No Greek, no slave, no free,
Barbarians and Scythians—
Crossed out entirely.
All differences we see
In culture, practice, creed
Are not in Christ, our Lord and Head—
From oldness these proceed.
Distinctions have no place
In Christ, nor in the saints.
Our nature is the very same,
As oneness demonstrates.
God governs and He deals
With all things by the cross.
It’s God’s unique solution for
The substitutes in us.
The cross becomes our way
To put off all things old,
To live in resurrection till
Christ in us all behold.
Put on the one new man,
The old man strip away.
Pass through the cross to take Christ as
Our Person now today.
The Spirit with the cross
Is our unique supply
That causes us to be renewed
As one new man thereby.
The practicality
Of passing through the cross
Is in the mingling that blends
God’s essence into us.
The key is be renewed!
We have the mind of Christ!
The newness of God’s life, imbued,
Renews and rectifies.
Put off the old today
And every day beyond.
But set your mind on spirit now
And to God’s life respond.
Enjoy the Lord and drink
The Spirit till you’re new,
To think the one thing with all saints,
With God soaked through and through.
Christ is the One we love,
The One whom we pursue.
There’s nothing else that we desire
But Christ, who’s ever new.
God sees us all in Christ,
The status we convey;
Christ and His cross are all we have—
One Person and one way.
Jeffrey Hall

Church Ih Worcester, MA, United States

Amen for the Ones!




Costa Mesa, California, United States

Lord, we want to take You as our Person, and we want to gain the one new man today!