Christ to me is so subjective

Christ to me is so subjective,
  In my spirit dwelleth He;
Christ to me is all-inclusive,
  As the Spirit one with me.
  So subjective is my Christ to me!
  Real in me, and rich and sweet!
All-inclusive is my Christ to me!
    All my needs He fully meets.
Christ to me is so subjective,
  Life imparting all the way;
As the Spirit He revives me
  And refreshes day by day.
Christ to me is so subjective,
  All my being He transforms;
By the mind and will renewing
  To His image He conforms.
Christ to me is so subjective,
  Liberating pow’r is He,
By the law of life and power
  As the Spirit setting free.
Christ to me is so subjective,
  Regulating all the day;
He corrects and rules and guides me,
  And adjusts in every way.
Christ to me is so subjective,
  All my thirst He satisfies;
With His riches He supplies me,
  Thus God’s fulness testifies.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Br.Jeff Hall

Sterling, Massachusetts, United States

This hymn exemplifies how real and living is the law of the divine life to us.

Christ is so subjective, He truly is our all in all!

Olga Radita

Liverpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Lord, we love You not only for what You are giving us but we love You for what You are to us!

Lord Jesus, we love You!

@economist Julius Iraki Chege

Thika, Kenya

Wow ! A great piece! Christ is real in our daily inner man.... yes , He is subjective, in my soul I experience Him.

Olga Gabisan-radita

Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Lord Jesus, You are truly what I need! What a mercy that I have found You!

John Emmanuel Uy

Manila, Philippines

Praise the Lord we tend to have many concept about the Lord but this time we need to see it's time to see, to taste, to experience how our Lord is so sweet. Hallelujah!

Boaz Leong

Manila, Philippines

This is the first hymn that I was able to memorize. This also caused me to have a spiritual turn before. I was able to appreciate the Lord more after realizing that our Lord could be enjoyed by us in so many ways! Although growing up from the children's meeting, I never realized it until I was able to sing this. "All-inclusive is my Christ to me! All my needs He fully meets."

Actually, our oneness is the subjective Triune God, not the objective Triune God. The subjective Triune God is our real oneness. In 1963 I wrote a hymn on the subjectiveness of Christ (Hymns, #537). Our Christ is not merely objective. If He were merely objective, He would have nothing to do with us. He is subjective to such an extent that He has made Himself one spirit with us (1 Cor. 6:17). He and we are one spirit. This oneness is altogether by the essential Spirit, who is the very essence of the Divine Trinity.

Christ must be subjective to us. In more than one place, people have criticized our hymn that says, "Christ to me is so subjective" (Hymns, #537). Many people do not have the concept that Christ is subjective. Once when I had trouble with my car, a brother tried to explain the problem to me, but I could not understand all the mechanical terms. I simply took the car to a garage and let someone do the talking for me. Today too many Christians are like this concerning Christ. To speak about Christ being the life-giving Spirit causes havoc. They say, "Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. This is good enough. Don't say anything beyond this." This is the poor situation today. Today I still do not drive a car, because in order to drive I must understand things about the car. In the same way, in order to be a good, normal Christian, we have to know the details of who Christ is. Christ must be revealed in us, He must live in us, we have to put Him on, and He must be formed in us.

Hymn #537 describes how subjective Christ is to us in our daily life. He is subjective to us for the building up of His Body. He causes us to repent and be regenerated, sanctified, and transformed. He is adjusting and correcting us all the time, even with many rebukes. He is correcting, rebuking, regulating, ruling, guiding, supplying, satisfying, and comforting us. We are under His transforming work all day long, and we are being conformed to His image. We are growing in life, and our growth is actually His increase [growth] in us. The very indwelling Christ is increasing in us. His increase in us is our growth in Him. By growing into Him, we are being transformed and we become the living members of Christ. In our transformation, we will realize that we cannot be individualistic and that we have to be built up with others for the building up of the Body of Christ.

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