I Love My Master

I love my Master, and I will not go out free.
For He has died for me, the highest price He has paid for me.
I love my Master, I will serve Him willingly.
Remaining near, and close to Him this my plea.
  I love You Master, from You I will never leave.
You are my liberty, and my joy complete.
I love my Master, and I will not go out free.
To Him I give my all, my life eternally!
Oh Jesus, Master, to the door post now bring me.
Open my ears to hear, Your voice and all that You say to me.
Oh Jesus, Master, I will obey willingly.
To love and serve Him all my life, this my plea!
Christian Jer Bañares

Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines

Oh Lord Jesus! How great is Your love that we can't keep from loving You more each day. Hallelujah! To You we give our all, our lives eternally! This is our eternal plea. Amen.

Isaac Acosta

Irvine, CA, United States

I love my Master! I will not go out free!


Lord, allow us, cause us to serve You all ours days, this is our plea.

Igor Savinkin

Riga, Latvia, Russia

I have very much enjoyed this hymn. "Remaining near and close to Him, this my plea." It's by our beholding and reflecting Him that we are fully in oneness with Him and our service is acceptable to Him. The love of the slave from Exo. 21:1-6 is very much the result of the most pleasant and eternally blessed living with Lord Jesus Christ in his house. As I was living in the church in Moscow for several years I did experienced the eternal love and care and pleasantness that made me to consecrate myself to Him, even to the extend of being and serving as slave to the Master. This hymn does describe my deep feeling toward Him.

Margaret Shin

Imlay City, MI, United States

Our dearest Lord is loving, kind, gracious master. Our church pastor preached tonight of this very theme. Our God is indeed suffered, died for our sin. We owe our whole being to my Lord, my Master!

Vinh Nguyen

Atlanta, GA, United States

I love You Husband, from You I will never leave.

You are my real Husband, and my joy complete.

I love my Husband, and I will not go out free.

To Him I give my all, my life eternally!


Makati City, Philippines

Oh Lord Jesus, I want serve You unto eternity. As part of Your body, make me always function in the meeting. To hear and see You in everything I do is what I long for. Let me experience and enjoy You in many ways. Although there are times my faith is weak, I still remember You as the captain of my ship and my only MASTER.

Danilyn Malaay

General Santos City, Sarangani, Philippines

Lord cause us to love You and cause this love to see only You, to serve You, to be one with You always. Lord my life would be so vague and vain without You.

Raymund Arcilla

Caloocan City, Philippines

I Love, I Love My MASTER. I will not go out free!


Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines

There's always a place for every new hymn. Old lyrics, New Melody. Such simple hymn could refresh our consecration to the Lord. Thanks for this hymn. It reminds me of my service to the Lord of Lords and the King of kings. He is now my Lord, my Master. " Lord Jesus I love You, I give myself to You afresh."