Another Generation

O Lord, perfect another generation
Of ministers for Your recovery;
Etch in our hearts this desp’rate aspiration,
In our forefathers’ steps and ministry.
Lord, heed the cry from deep within our spirit;
All o’er the earth gain channels of supply.
Remove the fear within us of the cost, Lord;
That we’d unsparingly our soul life e’er deny.
Gain us, we pray, a little more each day, Lord;
May we likewise gain You, to be Your bride;
You’re our first love; Your riches are our beauty;
Mature us soon, that no more veils divide.
Make us today’s “one hundred twenty saints,” Lord,
In upper room with God identified;
One with You as a corporate burnt off’ring
To turn this age, Lord, that Your heart be satisfied.


Make us today’s “one hundred twenty saints, ” Lord!

Alex Walker

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Remove the fear within us of the cost, Lord.

I'm willing to be made willing!


Thank you for this song