Nothing’s quite so precious

Nothing’s quite so precious
As Jesus in my spirit.
He takes away the care
And fills me with His peace.
He never leaves me,
E’en as the days grow weary.
His presence goes with me.
My soul delights to hide in His arms.
  I call His name, “Lord Jesus,
Help me in my weakness.”
So faithfully each day in me
He proves His life is so sufficient.
Nothing’s quite so precious
As Jesus in my spirit.
He turns my heart to Him,
To feast upon His life.
It’s nothing I do—
His mercy’s just upon me.
And God’s free gift of grace
Becomes an endless joy to me.
Dora Yao

Long Island, NY, United States

I learned this hymn many years ago, but it's not until now that I feel I have entered into the spirit of the hymn to really ponder and inhale each word and make it my own prayer. Oh Lord! Nothing is quite so precious!!!! How my soul delights to hide in Your arms....Lord Jesus!!! Help me in my faithfully each day in me You prove Your life is so sufficient..Lord...bring this "endless joy" to me...


NY, United States

As I considered this thought - the value of something is usually what it is worth....I had to reconsider the things I treasure, what I spend my time on...The things that I consider to be so precious, if not on the Lord, it really becomes vanity. I just considered when you know the value of something precious you will not hesitate to pay whatever the price is to obtain it. Okay, what I'm trying to say is that I, just for a moment, had to re-evaluate our dear and precious Lord Jesus. This hymn helped me to truly turn my heart to Lord and say....

Lord grant to me/us a fresh revelation of Yourself so that we would be willing to pay the price, whatever it may be, to experience and gain You. We want to really appreciate You and the process You went through in order to enter into our spirit. But- O Lord, don't stop there, do spread and make Yourself at home in ALL our heart. Build us up together Lord.

Upon this rock (not only the revelation of the church but also the revelation of Christ) He promised to build His church!!!


Round Rock, TX, United States

This hymn is a classic because the reality is that there is absolutely nothing quite so precious as this Man-Savior Jesus in our spirit! If you check your experience you will see that no one or nothing can compare to this precious Person living and dwelling within you.

Nathan Anderson

Clay, New York!, United States

Wonderful song. So true.


WA, U.S.A.

It's so true... there isn't ANY thing quite as precious. I think that this is a very wonderful song. and i'm very grateful to my friend for intoducing it to me. It was just perfect. b/c when all seemed to be at a loss and i was very down.. this REALLY encourages me. Praise the Lord! He is SO precious! =)


College Station

Praise Him!!! for He is faithful. I call His name, "Lord Jesus". So Faithfully each day in me He proves His life is so sufficient!!!

Sara Kim

Seoul, Korea

I sing this hymn whenever I really feel that He protects me with a helping hand. He helps me in my weakness! Hallelujah! We don't need to struggle for our difficulties. Oh, what a wonderful salvation of our Lord!


Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

One day I was in desperate need of the Lord. Then this song came to me and reminded me that I have no need to fear because He never leaves me, and that His very life is SUFFICIENT. Thank you Lord for being so faithful! I love You and Your recovery.

Ting Wei Ung

Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia

Although I am busy, I enjoy Him. I never forget the Christ is so precious! Amen!

Ting Wei Ung

Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia

When I sang this hymn, I felt that only Jesus in my spirit and NOTHING is more precious than Jesus in my spirit! Praise the Lord for this wonderful hymn!