Son of Man, Son of Man on the throne today

Son of Man, Son of Man on the throne today;
Son of Man, Pioneer, He has led the way;
Following, how we sing, Jesus leads us on;
We are marching with the Victor to the throne.
On we go, on we go to the throne with Him;
On we go through this age, age so dark and grim;
Then shall we—formerly, Satan’s captured ones—
Be exalted with the Lord upon His throne.
Called as sons, called as sons, destined to be kings;
Called as sons we’ve no time for the worldly things:
Yet we know, it is so—we don’t qualify!
Thus the Lord must search and burn and purify.
Search and burn, search and burn all our inward parts;
Search and burn, thoroughly, to refine our hearts;
We’ll not fear, but be clear—burning, searching thus
Is the gracious visit of the Lord to us.
With the Man, with the Man is a rainbow fair;
Glorious bow, ’round the throne, faithfulness declares:
We deserved to be served with God’s judgment sore,
But we have been spared to praise Him more and more.
Jeanna So

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Amen! Praise the Lord!


Sydney, Australia

Halelujah! The son of Man on the throne, leading us to fulfill God's eternal purpose and to defeat the enemy that the city New Jerusalem will be established and His kingdom will reign...eternally. PTL!