And He showed me a river

And He showed me a river
Of water of life,
Bright as crystal,
Proceeding out
Of the throne of God
And of the Lamb.
And Thou shalt make them to drink
Of the river of Thy pleasures.
There is a river,
The streams whereof make glad.
The city of God.
She shall not be moved.
God shall help her.
God’s in her midst.
They shall be abundantly satisfied
With the fatness of Thy house.
Phoebe Cajote

Taiwan (originally From Southern Philippines)

I like this song because He is a river flowing water of life that can satisfies our thirst. Amen!

Bob Baer

Brampton, ON, Canada

This song reminds me to return to my source. Ultimately we will be drinking of the pure river of water of life.

Brent Snyder


Every song that H.H wrote awakes in me my first love for my precious Savior.