Jesus! Source of life eternal

Jesus! Source of life eternal!
  Jesus, Author of our breath!
Victor o’er the hosts infernal,
  By defeat, and shame, and death,
Thou through deepest tribulation
  Deigned to pass for our salvation:
Thousand, thousand praises be,
  Lord of glory, unto Thee!
Thou, O Son of God! wert bearing
  Cruel mockings, hatred, scorn;
Thou, the King of glory, wearing,
  For our sake, the crown of thorn:
Dying, Thou didst us deliver
  From the chains of sin for ever;
Thousand, thousand praises be,
  Precious Savior, unto Thee!
All the shame men heaped upon Thee,
  Thou didst patiently endure;
Not the pains of death too bitter,
  Our redemption to procure:
Wondrous Thy humiliation
  To accomplish our salvation:
Thousand, thousand praises be,
  Precious Savior. unto Thee!
Heart-felt praise and adoration,
  Savior, thus to Thee we give:
For Thy life’s humiliation,
  For Thy death, whereby we live;
All the grief Thou wert enduring,
  All the bliss Thou wert securing,
Evermore the theme shall be,
  Of thanksgivings, Lord, to Thee.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

“Jesus! Source of Life Eternal” was written over 400 years ago, and still finds a place with hymns written later in time. It is a translation from the German by Miss H. K. Burlingham, who is also the writer of many well known-hymns.

Ernst C. Homburg was born at the German village of Mills, in 1605. Early in his life, Ernst evinced that he was gifted in literature. At Naumburg in Saxony he became clerk of Assizes. Despite this important official appointment, he freely associated with companions who had loose habits, and many of his early poems included the debased love and drinking songs characteristic of the times. He was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the top poets and won distinction in literature. Homburg almost reached the goal of his ambition when he is fell stricken with a severe and prolonged illness which was followed by serious domestic difficulties. In his affliction he cried out to God for mercy. His cry was heard, the chains of sin were broken, and his trust was now in the Savior. From that moment he became a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus, and the pen which up to now had brought him accolades from the world, was now used in giving to the Church songs of highest praise, many of which have been translated into English and are in frequent use today.

Homburg died at Naumburg in 1681.

Grace Akhilele

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

Wonderful! I am truly blessed by coming across this song . Wonderful tribute to our wonderful Savior.