Out in the darkness

Out in the darkness,
  Shadowed by sin,
Souls are in bondage,
  Souls we would win.
How can we win them?
  How show the way?
“Love never faileth,”
  Love is the way.
Think how the Savior
  Came from above
Suffered on Calvary,
  Breathing out love;
Think how He loves us,
  E’en when we stray:
We must love others,
  Love is His way.
See, they are waiting,
  Looking at you,
Silently watching
  All that you do;
Seeming so careless,
  Hardened and lost:
“Love never faileth,”
  Count not the cost.
“Love never faileth,”
  Love is pure gold:
Love is what Jesus
  Came to unfold;
Love these souls thru us,
  Savior, we pray;
Thy love ne’er faileth,
  Love is Thy way.