It was alone the Savior prayed

It was alone the Savior prayed
  In dark Gethsemane;
Alone He drained the bitter cup
  And suffered there for me.
  Alone, alone,
He bore it all alone;
He gave Himself to save His own,
  He suffered, bled and died alone, alone.
It was alone the Savior stood
  In Pilate’s judgment hall;
Alone the crown of thorns He wore,
  Forsaken thus by all.
Alone upon the cross He hung
  That others He might save;
Forsaken then by God and man.
  Alone, His life He gave.
Can you reject such matchless love?
  Can you His claim disown?
Come, give your all in gratitude,
  Nor leave Him thus alone.
Delores Joyner

New Kent, VA, United States

Alone, what a wonderful moving hymn of the suffering and death of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Many who call him Lord are alone in different parts of the world.

Dear friend, you are not alone, we mention you in our prayers, Jesus who stood alone is interceding for you. When in seem as though we’re alone, we’re truly never alone.

Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

"Can you reject such matchless love?"

This is a beautiful hymn and well worth learning. Thank You Lord Jesus for suffering there for me.

Rose Calhoun

Riverside, CA, United States

I have always loved this song. The only song I really wanted to lead in the Jr. choir, but was never able to.

Susan A Offutt

Georgetown, KY, United States

Is there sheet music available for this or is there a hymnal that includes it?


New York, United States

This song always make me feel how painful it is when you're in troubles with no one around for you. God's son was born just like the rest of us but He died for my sins. God bless and give me ability to get close to you everyday and use us in the rights purpose.


North Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Where is the left hand score for this song?

Other than that this is a great song. And has a nice tune to it.

Jerry Reingardt

Trafalgar, Indiana, United States

What year was the song written and by whom the poem's author? Thank you for a reply.

Minnie Washington

Randallstow, Maryland

It is sad ttat this great, passionate, theologically sound hymn is all but forgotten. And when it is sung, it is rearranged in such a way that the passion which the Savior is experiencing in the Garden of Gethsemane, is drained from it, and the hymn becomes a meaningless chorus of contemporary musical showmanship. I love this hymn. It gives a passionate depiction of the pathos, the internal agony of ourLord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am requesting it to be sung tonight in reverence and in remembrance of that awful moment when Jesus suffers in the garden-alone.

Bill Bresnen

Wirral, United Kingdom

Tonight sang this great hymn with a local Male Voice Choir, it must be many many years since I last sang it! But it came once more with all its beauty, love and challenge. It speaks of victory in defeat. Praise HIS name.

Antonio Foster

Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Yes this is a lovely hymn depicting the suffering of our Lord Jesus at the hands of mankind. We used to sing this hymn at consecration service. Beautiful lovely feeling of emotion in worshipping God.

God Bless you sir for sharing this hymn. It brought back memories of when we saints were humble and strive to live Holy before God. Thank you.