Lord of glory, we adore Thee

Lord of glory, we adore Thee!
  Christ of God, ascended high!
Heart and soul we bow before Thee,
  Glorious now beyond the sky:
Thee we worship, Thee we praise—
Excellent in all Thy ways.
Anointed King, with glory crowned,
  Rightful Heir and Lord of all!
Once rejected, scorned, disowned,
  E’en by those Thou cam’st to call:
Thee we honor, Thee adore—
Glorious now and evermore.
Lord of life! to death once subject;
  Blesser, yet a curse once made;
Of Thy Father’s heart the object,
  Yet in depths of anguish laid;
Thee we gaze on, Thee recall—
Bearing here our sorrows all.
Royal robes shall soon invest Thee,
  Royal splendors crown Thy brow;
Christ of God, our souls confess Thee
  King and Sov’reign even now!
Thee we rev’rence, Thee obey—
Own Thee Lord and Christ alway.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

“Richard Holden formerly an Anglican clergyman. He went out to Portugal in the Lord’s work. His letters to his mother giving reasons for leaving the Church of England, had in its time a wide circulation. And he wrote the hymn, ‘Lord of glory we adore Thee”.

“His departure to be with Christ is an example of the faithfulness and sustaining grace of God towards those who obey His call to serve Him in foreign lands, and of His presence with and rich blessings upon them. This is a quote verbatim from Napoleon Noel as there is no other data about Richard Holden ( ? -1886)

His wife wrote this letter after his departure in August 24, 1886.

“ Yes my dear husband is at home now with the One he loved so well waiting with Him till He come. It was at first a trial that my dear husband left me, this is almost the only time I can remember in all the happy years since the Lord gave us to each other, without ‘Good bye’. There was nothing of death or sadness in that sickroom, he was so happy, so cheerful. All who came to say goodbye— the dear saints and many others, — left thinking he would yet be among them; he looked so bright; the Doctor alone, gave me no hope, and oh, he was so kind. My dear husband was so fond of him. ‘Doctor, ’ he said, ‘A deathbed is not time to seek the Lord, what would I do if I had to come to Him is all this pain? No, thank God, it is all bright, all joy. 38 years I have known the Lord, and I have never had a doubt of my soul’s salvation. Now it is all joy to go. Not even my wife, dearly as I love her, or my boy hold me back. It is all bright, all joy. ”


Lagos, Nigeria

Lord of glory, we adore Thee! Christ of God, ascended high!

Alex Abler

Baltimore, MD, United States

This one is a hidden gem! The words, meter and emotion of the hymn all flow beautifully together.

Archie Gillespie

Hampshire, UK

What a delightful expression of the glories of the Son of God.

This hymn says "Christ of God." We are familiar with the term "Son of God," but we seldom say "the Christ of God." The Christ of God means the One anointed by God and sent by God to accomplish His work. In the original language, the word for Christ is Christos. The word for Christians is Christianos, which indicates that Christians are those who belong to Christ.

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