The creatures four from Christ have life

The creatures four from Christ have life;
No independence do they know,
For through the cross of Christ their life
The corporate form of Christ does show.
  Coordinated do they move;
Commissioned by His hand.
Their steps the same, as one they move
And thus His reign expand.
God’s grace is to the uttermost,
No more on self do they rely;
God is their shield, the Lord’s their boast,
The Lord alone they glorify.
In uprightness and purity,
In spirit meek, with humble heart,
They follow where the Spirit leads
And from the self’s desires depart.
United firmly, fitly joined—
Perfecting one another thus.
In oneness as they move conjoined,
They match God’s vision glorious.
While blending, holy fire bright
All filth, all mixture burns away.
This holy flame becomes their light,
That all their move bright gleams display.
Accompanied by God’s great wheel,
They move beneath a crystal sky;
The throne of God becomes so real,
Christ’s glorious image shines thereby.