There in old Chaldea, product of man’s fall

There in old Chaldea, product of man’s fall,
God appeared to Abram—called him from it all.
“Get thee from thy country, from thy father’s clan,
Get thee from thy kindred to another land.”
  Our Lord God Jehovah called a corporate man,
  One that would express Him and fulfill His plan.
Through the Lord’s infusion, Abraham became
Father of the faithful—life had changed his name.
Though the Lord’s appearing, brought him to the land,
Still he needed Isaac to fulfill God’s plan.
Isaac from his father did inherit all:
Sonship’s full enjoyment, blessing of God’s call.
Though all things receiving, incomplete was he;
Lacking transformation and maturity.
In his father’s footsteps, Jacob then became
Prince of God, a wrestler, Israel his name;
By the Spirit’s dealing, fully grown, he reigned;
O’er the earth, through Joseph, ruling pow’r obtained.
Thus do Jacob, Isaac, Abraham portray
Path that we, God’s called ones, must walk in today:
Members of the Body, as a corporate man,
We complete His calling and fulfill His plan.

单马鲁, Malaysia



Toronto, Canada

Praise the Lord! We have a way to leave everything behind and proceed to live life with God's good pleasure in view. We are are built up as the corporate new man to fulfill His plan. Amen.