The priest’s position holy is

Yuri Reyes

Oregon, United States

The grace of God let us extol

And stir our heart sweet praise to sing;

For priests not only light the lamp,

But constant praises bring.

Jorge Braz Soares

Barra De São Mateus, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Tenho me esforçado para ser uma cristão autêntico, já estudei quase tudi dos irmãos Nee e Lee aliás tudo que tange a restauraão do Senhor. Estamos no foco da Restauração do Senhor!!!!

I have endeavored to be a true Christian, I have studied almost all of brothers Nee and Lee. Indeed all respect to the Lord. We are in the focus of the Lord's Recovery!!!!

The hymn that we sang tonight, hymn 791, shows us that in the Old Testament the priests had to do three things: burn the incense, light the lamps, and sing. For us today, to burn the incense is to pray. Our praying is our burning of the incense. For us today, to light the lamp is to read the Word. By this, the light of God shines in us. And for us today, to sing is just to sing hymns.


God desires that there be three kinds of ministries among His people. The first is the priesthood, the second is the kingship, and the third is the prophethood. In the Bible we see that both the priests and the kings require the prophets. If a priest cannot speak, he will be a weak priest. Who was the first prophet in the Bible? It was Abraham. Genesis 20:7 tells us that Abraham was a prophet. Hence, he could pray for the household of Abimelech. The emphasis with the prophets is not to speak prophecy, but to speak for God.

In Exodus 7:1 God said to Moses, "I have made thee a god to Pharoah; and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet." The definition of a prophet is a spokesman, one who speaks for another. Since we are God's people, we are the descendants of Abraham. As such, we should be prophets. If in our meeting no one speaks, how can we say that we are priests? The first thing for the priests to do is to pray before God. This is the burning of the incense.

The second thing the priests do is to light the lamp. After the lamp has burned for a while the wick becomes black and the light does not shine so brightly. Hence, there is the need to trim the burnt wick and to add more oil. The oil is the Holy Spirit. Daily we need to burn the incense by praying, and daily we need to trim our lamp by reading the Lord's word.

The third thing the priests do is to sing praises. In stanzas four, five, and six of hymn 791, these three things are put together...