There is a name to Jesus given

There is a name to Jesus given,
  His matchless love its accents tell;
For it declares: He is my Brother,
  And this His name—Emmanuel!
The Lord, by angels worshiped yonder,
  Has stooped to earth with men to dwell,
Incarnate God, and man forever—
  Our own beloved Emmanuel.
There is a name that’s still more precious,
  That stirs our hearts with fondest love:
It is the charming name of Jesus,
  The name all other names above.
It tells me that He is my Savior
  From sin and sickness and the grave.
I love the precious name of Jesus,
  For I am one He came to save!
Though dear to us the name of Jesus,
  The name of Christ is higher still!
It tells of Him who dwells within us,
  Our old heart to renew and fill.
It tells me of the Spirit’s fullness,
  It brings the pow’r of Pentecost.
O blessed Christ, anoint me also,
  And fill me with the Holy Ghost!