A gospel priest of the New Testament

A gospel priest of the New Testament,
My heav’nly call: “Bring sinners unto God.”
From house to house I seek sons of peace
And overflow the life of God.
Preach the gospel, sinners save,
Each to God an off’ring sweet;
Thus all of heaven breaks forth with joy,
And my God’s joy is made complete.
  How glorious! Such a profession!
Daily I’m renewed, revived!
How marvellous! Such a living!
Bearing new fruit all the time!
A gospel priest of the New Testament,
With tireless labor, bringing people nigh,
To offer themselves up willingly,
God’s heart’s desire to satisfy.
Christ proclaim, and nourish men,
Then exhort them, teach, perfect,
Till each is offered full-grown in Christ
To God, a living sacrifice.