O soul-inspiring story

O soul-inspiring story—
  God’s majesty and grace
In lustrous strokes of glory
  Deep-carved in Jesus’ face!
Hearts rapt in contemplation
  Of Godhead’s Image bright,
Break forth in adoration,
  In wonder and delight!
There Manhood, all perfection,
  And Godhead-fulness shine;
God’s love and Man’s affection,
  The human, the divine;
A life, a death, transcendent,
  Revealing God as love:
Here, lowly Man, dependent—
  God over all, above!
Unsullied blaze of glory!
  O ever-radiant Face!
Thy rich, unfathomed story
  Transfigures us in grace!
Made like Thee, soon, completely,
  With love-lit eyes we’ll scan
God’s face unveiled so sweetly
  In Thine, Thou Son of man!

Salem, OR, United States

Precious words, but perhaps this hymn needs a new melody, one that brings us into the deeper considerations of these longing expressions.