The Humanity of Christ

This unique truth the whole Bible unveils:
Our God has put on humanity;
Both God and man, as the Scripture reveals;
Hallelujah unto eternity.
  Praise the Lord for Christ’s humanity!
It’s central to God’s economy
To produce a divine-human incorporation
Which consummates the New Jerusalem.
Old Testament portrays Christ as a Man,
With four types showing His humanity:
Seed of the woman, seed of Abraham,
The seed of David, branch of Jesse.
Christ as a Man in His humanity
Visited Abraham, with Jacob fought,
Met Joshua as Captain of God’s army,
Foretold of Samson, Israel’s comfort.
As Man of sorrows He lived, and was slain,
Suffered, despised, our redemption to win.
According to righteousness He will reign,
There’ll be enjoyment and protection.
Above the firmament, Christ is enthroned,
Satan’s dominion is far, far below.
Each measurement of God’s building He knows,
In midst of Israel, His possession.
Christ as a Man walked with Daniel’s three friends,
In fiery trial appearing with them;
Met Daniel’s need as a Man once again;
He’s everything in God’s move as a Man.
Though they dispersed, Christ was with Israel,
Measured Jerus’lem to gain her in full;
As Shoot of David, God’s temple He’ll build,
He’ll be a Priest and o’er all nations rule.
As Son of Man, He’s with Israel involved,
With us as well: we His oneness enjoy;
He’s stock of Israel exalted by God,
He’ll gain the Kingdom, enemies destroy.
Christ as revealed in the New Testament
Came in the flesh; Son of Man now is He!
Fulfillment of God’s economy,
All carried out in Christ’s humanity.

A hymn based on messages given in the Winter Training, December 1996.

Marlon Tecson


Praise the Lord for the wonderful and rich hymn like this. It shows the magnificent work of God in humanity to be His dwelling place, His expression and His domain toward to those who love Him.