Death cannot hold the resurrection life

Death cannot hold the resurrection life,
The life of God eternal manifest;
’Tis uncreated, indestructible,
’Tis Christ Himself, unconqu’rable, expressed.
Death cannot hold the resurrection life,
Though all its force against it may combine;
Death only gives it opportunity
To show the boundless pow’r of life divine.
Death cannot hold the resurrection life,
The more interred, the more it multiplies;
All kinds of suff’ring only help it grow
And fruits of life abundant realize.
Death cannot hold the resurrection life,
Thru every block and barrier it breaks;
Conqu’ring the pow’r of darkness and of hell,
It swallows death and victory partakes.
Death cannot hold the resurrection life,
All of God’s fulness it will manifest;
God’s righteousness and holiness it yields,
His glorious image by it is expressed.
Oh, may I know this resurrection life,
In every kind of death its pow’r outpoured,
In my experience ever realize
This life is nought but Christ my living Lord.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Ezra Yeung

Santa Clara, CA, United States

Death can only give this resurrection life the opportunity to show its boundless power!

Jim Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

Thank you Phebe (see previous comment). Christ’s death and resurrection are the very core of our faith. God died as a man not just for redemption, but to bring us into the resurrection life. Oh may I know (experience) this resurrection life!. Without it we are totally hopeless. Yes, totally dead in our sins.

Phebe Hii

Miri, Malaysia

Lived again [in Revelation 2:8] refers to resurrection. The Lord suffered death and lived again. He entered into death, but death could not hold Him (Acts 2:24) because He is the resurrection (John 11:25). The suffering church needs to know Him as such a One also, so that she can endure any kind of suffering. However severe the suffering, the church will still be alive. The resurrection life of Christ can endure death. (Rev. 2:8, footnote 3)

Hence, God is not only the living God but also the God of resurrection. He died, but He overcame death. Death fought the Lord with all its might, but it could not conquer Him. The principle of resurrection is overcoming death and emerging from death. The God of resurrection has been tested and proven to possess an unshakable life. (CWWL, 1957, vol. 3, “The Living God and the God of Resurrection”, pp. 12-13)


Tampa, FL, United States

Praise the Lord! Thank you for your resurrection life!

Muddasu Obulesu

Rudharavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India


Selene Leyva Hernandez

Fort Stockton, TX, United States

Lord Jesus may I realize and experience You!!

Cody Enderli

Beaumont, TX, United States

God righteousness and holiness it yields!

Pey-Jing Li Mehrinfar

San Marcos, TX, United States

Thank you, Lord for your resurrection life! You turn death into life. Shame Your enemy during these dark times with Your light and life. We love you, Lord Jesus! You are our resurrection life throughout all our lives.


Mansfield, Ohio, United States

I am Bi-polar, recently the Lord brought me out of a serious clinical depression. From this I really know the resurrection life and know this power is for the church. This is what Christ experienced on the cross! Now we can experience it now! This power He gave us to change us into His image! Not to rule outwardly but for Him to rule inwardly! The church is in this resurrection life!

Sister Tang

Death can’t hold the resurrection life!

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