For every sin however deep

For every sin however deep,
For every path however steep,
For all the weary ones who weep,
  Thou art sufficient, Lord.
For every trial great or small,
For every care that would appall,
For all the stumbling feet that fall,
  Thou art sufficient, Lord.
When earthly things bring sweet delight,
When all is well, and skies are bright,
When ease would cloud the heavenly light,
  Thou art sufficient, Lord.
When sorrow darkens all the day,
When disappointments bar the way,
When hearts are numb and cannot pray,
  Thou art sufficient, Lord.
Whate’er my circumstances be,
Help me in all Thy hand to see,
So wilt Thou then be unto me,
  My all-sufficient Lord.
Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Dear sister Sarah you are right to ask "what more do we need in this life?"

Lord forgive us! Our eyes are veiled from seeing that You are all sufficient, that You are all that we need — You meet all our needs and much more!

Lord have mercy! Please unveil us to see and experience this truth. Amen.

Sarah Anne

Ochtrup, Munster, Germany

our all sufficient Lord; what more do we need in this life:

we are always seeing in the wrong places to be filled:

he is with us whereever we need him; he is always there:

amen! such a encouraging hymn and the lyrics is so true in my life at the moment:

thank you all at hymnal net:

love using your lnk for worshiping: thanks