Have you seen God’s salvation

Have you seen God’s salvation?
Do you feel His provision?
Have you won the victory o’er the flesh?
Have you entered the kingdom of God?
  Have you climbed the mountain?
Are you in the light?
Have you changed your diet?
Are you eating Christ?
Do you long for His presence?
Do you know His intention
Is to make us just the same as He?
And to love Him constantly?
Will you be a loving seeker?
Not a poor, dead law keeper?
We can read His word day by day,
Infuse us Lord, we pray.
Are you in His recovery?
Do you know the highest story
Is the mingling of both God and man
To fulfill His eternal plan?
  We have climbed the mountain,
We are in the light,
We have changed our diet,
We are eating Christ!
(Repeat the last line of each verse)

Composed during the 2013 European Young People's Conference in Poland.

Janna Alpes

Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Praise the Lord!!

We can read His word day by day,

Infuse us Lord, we pray...

James Juguilon Lumantas

Seoul, South Korea

It reminds us if we are eating in the right way...How we need to eat Christ everyday! Hallelujah!

Vivi Peter

Garden Grove, CA

Incredibly sweet; was touched when a sister introduced this to our home meeting.

Deborah Ndinda Musembi

Nairobi, Eastern-kenya, Kenya

A wonderful hymn song.


San Ramon, California, United States

Praise the Lord for such an exposing song...Lord, we pray that You would make the anwser to every line "YES!"

Fon Wongvorakul


Praise the Lord for such a reminder. Change the diet and eat Christ!

Crystal G Goh

Riverside, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! We can enjoy Him every day of our lives in such a practical and organic way! :)


Amen! This song is so wonderful! It's so sweet that we can eat the Lord every day. Who wrote it?


Irvine, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! Thank You for being so edible and available to us!!! We want to be loving seekers and not law keepers :D


Kiev, Ukraine

Amen. I love.