The Humanity of Jesus

For the building of the Body
We need Jesus humanly;
The humanity of Jesus
Builds the church organically.
In the Spirit, all that Christ is
Has become our life supply
To equip us for God’s building,
God in Man to glorify.
When we fell, our human vessel
Was corrupted by the fall;
The humanity of Jesus
Now uplifts, enriches all.
Christ became us, incarnated,
To bring us into Himself;
With the Triune God we’re mingled;
Christ our life saves us from self.
Do you yearn to love as God loves?
Grow up into Christ our Head.
Would you live the way that God lives?
Then choose Christ to live instead.
God gave us the highest living
And the life to live this way.
In the Spirit, God compounded
Everything we need today.
In the Spirit of this Jesus,
Every step God took became
Elements that we experience
And apply through Jesus’ name.
Christ’s humanity and living,
With the cross as our release,
Brings in life in resurrection
For our one accord in peace.
In the church life, in our spirit,
In the building we are one,
In one Body and one Spirit,
This our calling in the Son.
In the heavens, Christ is sitting
As the Man enthroned and crowned.
The humanity of Jesus
Is the life for glory bound.
Our High Priest, this Man in heaven,
Faithful, merciful and true,
Was in all respects once tempted;
Made like us, He suffered too.
His dear blood now gives us boldness
To approach the throne of grace,
Where the Lamb of God receives us,
Timely help we must embrace.
For the building of the Body
We are human Jesusly;
By the Spirit of this Jesus
We are built up corporately.
The humanity of Jesus
God supplies us day by day
To become God’s holy city,
Glorifying God for aye.