I serve a risen Savior

I serve a risen Savior
  He’s in the world today.
I know that He is living,
  Whatever men may say.
I see His hand of mercy;
  I hear His voice of cheer;
And just the time I need Him
  He’s always near.
  He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way.
He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
    He lives within my heart.
In all the world around me
  I see His loving care,
And though my heart grows weary,
  I never will despair;
I know that He is leading,
  Through all the stormy blast;
The day of His appearing
  Will come at last.
Rejoice, rejoice, O Christian,
  Lift up your voice and sing
Eternal hallelujahs
  To Jesus Christ the King!
The Hope of all who seek Him,
  The Help of all who find,
None other is so loving,
  So good and kind.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Same as PgnChrist. Woke up with the song on my mind, I could remember the first verse but not all the others. Praise God for good stuff on the interwebs!!


Glory to God! Thank you for posting this hymn! In prayer this morning, Holy Spirit brought it to my remembrance and I was able to locate the words here. Thank you!

Kim L. Pearce

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Thanks for offering this music I totaly enjoyed it. I am thanks for being able to be in contact with my church and my Lord


Queens, NU, United States

The Lord brought this hymn to me this morning after enjoying Galatians 3:13 “Christ has redeemed us out of the curse of the law having become a curse on our behalf... ” Praise the Lord we can know him as our dear risen Savior who walks and talks with us. And we can experience Him in our current situation knowing He is leading us through this stormy blast. (see verse 2)


Cove City, North Carolina, United States

Amen. This comments have touched me tonight. Praise Jesus! Praise Him!

Lucy Turaga

Sydney, Australia

Oh Thank You sinless Jesus that You do live!!! ❤️😍 Because Jesus lives, me n my family can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone, because He lives, He holds our lives in His Hands n holds our future. Life is worth living because Jesus the sinless Christ lives.

Glynda Turner

Royse City, TX, United States

Amen I’m praying & rejoicing because I, chiefest of all sinners , am alive & one day will rejoice in Heaven with mom & dad. And great grandparents. Only because He arose. Amen

Jo Woody

Oldsmar, FL, United States

This Easter as most of us will worship a little differently; online, drive-through services, or with families at home, I'm grateful that we are 'scattered like salt' in our communities! We will miss not being in the same building, but we will be in the same Spirit with Christ, our Risen Savior: "God is Spirit and they who worship Him worship Him in Spirit and truth!" We worship in Spirit and praise Jesus, He is our Truth!

Terry Bear

Honolulu, HI, United States

I love this song, from my childhood, going to church. I joyfully agree, with Elrin's, comment below, as I walk in my neighborhood singing this song.

"He lives"!

Jorge Minjarez

El Monte


Throughout the centuries, all the living servants of God have had this resurrected Christ living in them. I can also testify that He lives in me, enabling me to do what I never could do in myself. Hallelujah, the Lord Jesus lives! How do we know He lives? As the hymn says, we know He lives because He lives in us (Hymns, #503). We may be persecuted and opposed, and we may suffer very much. But we have the resurrected Christ in us. The more we are opposed, the more alive and active we become. Nevertheless, our testimony is this: Not I, but the grace of God with us.

Many Bible readers do not have this understanding of the word witness; even our understanding is not this deep. In Galatians 2:20 Paul said, "I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me." This is the meaning of being a witness. A witness is a person who has Christ living in him. The chorus of a hymn says, "He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today! /...You ask me how I know He lives? / He lives within my heart" (Hymns, #503). His living in us proves that He has resurrected and that He is living.

This is a good hymn, and I appreciate it. The chorus says that we know Christ lives because He walks with us and talks with us. However, this is not as good as saying that we know Christ lives because He lives within our heart. In answer to the question, "How do you know Christ lives?" the chorus of this hymn answers, "He lives within my heart!" We know that the Lord lives not simply because He walks with us and talks with us, but because He lives in us.

How do you know Christ lives? You should answer this question by saying, "I know He lives because He lives in me." Likewise, if we are asked if we have seen the Lord Jesus, we should say, "Yes, I have seen the Lord, for He lives in me. Even while you are asking me this question, He lives in me. Because He lives in me, I see Him. Even now as I am speaking, I can see Him. While I am speaking to you, He is speaking to me. I am simply a transmitter speaking whatever He speaks to me."

The Lord's word, "Because I live, you shall live also," certainly was fully fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. When Peter stood up with the eleven, that was Christ in resurrection. Peter's speaking was also Christ in resurrection. If someone had asked Peter where Christ is, he might have said, "Christ is here. Don't you see me? If you see me, you see Christ because He lives in me."