The Holy Spirit is today

The Holy Spirit is today
  The Spirit of the life divine;
He quickens us and gives us life,
  And makes us fit for God’s design.
As living water quenching thirst
  The stream of life He e’er supplies;
Imparting Christ as life divine,
  My hungry heart He satisfies.
Enlight’ning with the light of life,
  He chases darkness far away;
Imparting Christ as light divine,
  He turns for us the night to day.
He strengthens with the pow’r of life
  To energize our inner man;
Imparting Christ as strength divine,
  He moves within us for God’s plan.
By law of life He liberates,
  And frees us from the law of sin;
And with the nature all divine
  He regulates us from within.
As Spirit of the life divine,
  Thru us abundant fruit He bears;
Expressing God-like attributes,
  To others Christ in life He shares.
The Spirit ever giving life
  Transforms me thus with life divine;
Renewing all my inward parts,
  In life He makes Christ’s image mine.
Oh, by Thy Spirit, fill me, Lord,
  The Spirit of Thy life divine,
And saturate me thoroughly
  Till all my life is filled with Thine.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.