A mighty flowing-out is God

A mighty flowing-out is God,
He flows throughout the ages.
And so to flow Himself to man
He is in many stages;
Yet still one God is He,
One flow eternally;
His stages pave the way
To flow through man today,
And now He flows within us!
In the beginning we can see,
God as a flowing river,
The river to convey the tree,
Himself as life deliver.
And at the end the same,
The river doth remain,
God in the Lamb doth flow,
The tree prevails to grow,
And God flows on forever.
God flowed Himself into a man,
The man we call Christ Jesus.
He gave up His own life for man
And God’s own life releases.
Though Satan did his best
To put God’s flow to rest—
He had Him crucified
And cruelly pierced His side—
But out came blood and water!
The blood and water flowed from Him,
In streams of pure salvation.
The blood brings cleansing from all sin;
Water, regeneration.
And now the Spirit flows,
Brings God where’er He goes.
All he could do, the foe,
Was just release the flow.
And God just keeps on flowing.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, in Saxony November 10, 1843. He was educated at the University of Erfurth, and became an Augustinian monk and Professor of Philosophy and Divinity at the University of Wittenburg. In 1517 he composed his 95 thesis condemning certain practices of the Roman Catholic Church and three years later the Pope published a bull excommunicating him, which he burnt openly before a sympathetic crowd in Wittenburg. His life was a stormy one, and he was more than once in mortal danger because of his antagonistic attitude to the papal authority, but he found powerful patrons, and lived to see the Reformation an organized fact. He died in his birth place, Eisleben, February 18, 1546.

The translation of the hymn in part, is by Reverend Friedrich Henry Hedge, Dr. of Divinity born in Cambridge, March 1805, a graduate of Harvard, and formerly minister of the Unitarian Church in Bangor, Maine. He died, 1890.

Luther wrote 36 hymns, some of which he fitted his own music. He was a musician and singer as well as an eloquent preacher. The tune for this hymn, sung in the hymnals was composed by himself. The hymn has also a noble rendering in the music of Johan Sebastian Bach 8-4 time, found in “Hymns Ancient and Modern. ”


Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Though Satan did his best. To put God's flow in rest He had him crucified and cruelly pierced his side but out came blood and water!!


And now Christ flows in us!!

Brandon Tan

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Praise the Lord for His accomplishments on the cross!

Glenna Herron

Odessa, TX, United States

When they crucified Christ He said “Father forgive them they don’t know what they are doing. ” They thought they were killing Jesus but actually they were just releasing the flow. And God flows on forever!

Maria L.

Fremont, California, United States

Hallelujah! God flowed Himself into a man. The man we call Christ Jesus. He gave up His own life for man. And God’s own life releases into us. Praise the Lord! He flows freely as the abundance of life for us to receive, enjoy, drink of and reign in life. Oh Lord Jesus We Love You.


United Kingdom

I love this hymn, it is the gospel told in a song. God flows Himself out into us in Christ Jesus, in the Spirit! He has come and lived a human life, died for us on the cross, accomplished redemption, defeated the enemy, and regenerated us with His divine life. Now He can flow within us as the life-giving Spirit! And God just keeps on flowing.


What flowing One comes in

The throne of God in Christ

Now this flow is in you

We must now to abide

the self goes good bye


God's heart is satisfied


Austin, TX, United States

In these days of so much chaos, the flow becomes intensified! Hallelujah!

“Though Satan did his best to put God’s flow to rest,

He had Him crucified, and cruelly pierced His side,

But out came blood and water!

... All he could do the foe,

Is just release the flow,

And God just keeps on flowing! ”

Anitha Nokku

Santa Ana, California, United States

And God just keeps on flowing. Oh what a mighty flow it is all throughout the ages and never ending and still flowing bringing life to man. Praise you Jesus!

The churches in some places have encountered opposition. However, the more the enemy opposes, the more the flow is released (see Hymns, #1198, stanza 4). We should welcome the opposition, because it only speeds up the pace of our spreading.