Oh, how the thought of God attracts

Oh, how the thought of God attracts
  And draws the heart from earth,
And sickens it of passing shows
  And dissipating mirth!
’Tis not enough to save our souls,
  To shun th’ eternal fires;
The thought of God will rouse the heart
  To more sublime desires.
God only is the creature’s home,
  Though rough and straight the road;
Yet nothing less can satisfy
  The love that longs for God.
Oh, utter but the Name of God
  Down in your heart of hearts,
And see how from the world at once
  All tempting light departs.
A trusting heart, a yearning eye,
  Can win their way above;
If mountains can be moved by faith,
  Is there less power in love?
How little of that road, my soul!
  How little hast thou gone!
Take heart, and let the thought of God
  Allure thee further on.
The freedom from all willful sin,
  The Christian’s daily task;
Oh! these are graces far below
  What longing love would ask!
The perfect way is hard to flesh;
  It is not hard to love;
If thou wert sick for want of God,
  How swiftly wouldst thou move!
Then keep thy conscience sensitive;
  No inward token miss:
And go where grace entices thee—
  Perfection lies in this.
Rebecca Berglund

Eugene, Oregon, United States

If faith can move mountains, can love have less strength? What is hard for flesh is not hard for love. "God is love." To remain in sweet commune with His strong love that perfects us and builds us into His Body, then we must cling to the love of God planted into our own hearts and abide there. "Love takes the shortest route." the last two stanzas are marvelous in their sweetness. To keep the building of His Body in mind rather than some personal perfection makes the thought in them richer and sweeter.