My old man has been crucified with Him

My old man has been crucified with Him,
With all its foul corruption deep within;
And buried too its nature serpentine,
Completely finished—this great fact is mine,
  I hold it fast.
But there’s a Person in my spirit now,
Born as a babe so small, so weak, so low;
Who by the Word’s pure milk will grow to be
The overcoming inner man in me
  To gain my heart.
Christ as my Person must possess my heart
And be preeminent in every part.
The former owner died but haunts it still.
O Lord, move in; my mind, emotion, will
  Now welcome Thee.
In spirit mingled, we are one, O Lord,
The human and divine in one accord;
Yet Thou must have a proper faculty
That all Thy glorious personality
  May be expressed.
So, Lord, I give my heart to Thee today,
That it may be Thy home in every way,
A place for Thee to come and settle down,
And all Thy grand recovery work to crown
  In one new man.
Rebecca Sadia

Austin, Texas, United States

Amen! Our old man has been WHOLLY CRUCIFIED! PRAISE THE LORD

Antoinette Cooper

Easton, MD, United States

Stanza 5 is so all-inclusive and means the world to me! My prayer is to be saturated with the reality of every word so that my Lord could settle down and have His complete home in me!

Chris Condon

London, United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for two sides to this wonderful truth. Our old man HAS BEEN crucified! Completely finished this great fact is ours! But we still sense the haunting of the former owner so we pray O Lord move in to every part of our heart, today!

Jeffrey Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

So uplifting and freeing! The Lord will do it all if we will just co-operate and submit to Him. We are coming out of our oldness into the newness of Life! Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Grace. May all the saints experience The Divine Life in Oness.............. Bless You all..........

Erik Kunkel

Round Rock, Texas, United States

Amen that our old man has been crucified!!!

Timothy R Camire

Poland, ME, United States

O Lord Jesus thank you for giving us the words pure milk. Halleluiah Christ is Lord.


United States

Lord Jesus, move in every part of our being. Amen. Lord Jesus, may we give our hearts to You ever day. Amen. Please settle down more deeply in our hearts, minds, emotions, and wills, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Samuel Sayono

San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

Hallelujah! Christ as MY PERSON *must* possess MY HEART. And be PREEMINENT in EVERY PART.

So Lord move in! My mind, emotion, will.

Saints, I am so thoroughly touched with this portion of the song. I realize that many times, there are parts in my being that still belongs to the self. But PTL, we can cry out for the Lord to move in, even our hidden parts.


Baton Rouge, United States

I love this song.

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, what a wonderful person as our inner man!!

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