Lo, the nations all assemble

Lo, the nations all assemble
  And imagine vanity,
Kings and princes plot together
  ’Gainst the Lord in unity.
“Let us break their bonds asunder,
  Cast away their cords from us.”
’Gainst the Lord and His Anointed
  Worldly rulers counsel thus.
He who sitteth in the heavens
  In contempt will laugh at them,
Vex them in His fierce displeasure,
  Terrifying all such men.
Yet upon the hill of Zion
  God has His anointed King—
This is God’s own declaration,
  All the kings admonishing.
Now ’tis Christ, ’tis God’s Anointed,
  Who declares the Lord’s decree:
“Thou’rt my Son (in resurrection),
  This day I’ve begotten Thee.
All the nations I will give Thee
  For Thine own inheritance.
Thou shalt dash them into pieces
  In Thy kingly excellence.”
Now be wise, O be instructed,
  All ye rulers of the earth,
Fear the Lord, rejoice with trembling,
  Serve the only One of worth.
Kiss the Son, lest He be angry
  And ye perish in the way.
“All who trust in Him are blessed,”
  All who trust in Him will say.
Lord, we praise Thee, we have seen Him—
  Thy unique Anointed One—
And from vanity repenting,
  We in love have kissed Thy Son.
“All who trust in Him are blessed”—
  Not “all those who keep the law.”
In that risen One believing,
  We are blest forevermore.
C Woods

Daingerfield, Texas, United States

Read the words! Sing it with your heart and soul and spirit!!! How awesome is our great God and Father! You are the only worthy One in All Things!!! PRAISE YOU! A THOUSAND TIMES PRAISE YOU!!