In God’s green pastures feeding

In God’s green pastures feeding by His cool waters lie;
Soft in the evening walk my Lord and I,
All the sheep of His pasture
Fare so wondrously fine; His sheep am I.
  Sisters: Waters cool,
Brothers: In the valley;
Sisters: Pastures green,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: In the evening
Brothers: In the evening
Everyone: Walk my Lord and I.
  Sisters: Dark the night,
Brothers: In the valley,
Sisters: Rough the way,
Brothers: On the mountain,
Sisters: Step by step...
Brothers: Step by step.
Everyone: My Lord and I.
Through the streets of the city in the darkness of the night,
Far from the fold, He heard my lonely cry.
Now I sit at His table in the palace of light;
His sheep am I.

Irmo, SC, United States

What a pleasure to hear this song. I learn this song at Bethel Bible Camp in 1969. I was singing it on the way home last night.


Bangkok, Thailand

I learned this song when I was very young (around 10 years ago).

I can remember this song well because it captivates my whole heart.

It's such a melodic song with the very good meaning!

I find it very wonderful.

Nicole Angel J. Pacudan

Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

I like this song so much. For many, many years I sang it. I love this song forever.

Jessie Abraham

Westbury, NY, United States

I learned this chorus 40 years ago from my youth leader Annette who was a medical student in Calcutta. I forgot about this song and recently the memories came back and I was delighted to hear this beautiful song with the lyrics. It just made my day! Thank you.


Cavite, Philippines

This song reminded me of how devoted young Christian I was way back 12 years ago.. :') I missed the song so much and repeat playing it again and again. The feeling does not change. The tune reminds me of no matter how far the distance I've walked all through out my life, I can still get back to God. Thank you for this.

Bonnye Belle Schemmel - Rubi

San Jose, California, United States

1969-70 attended a YOUNG LIFE group retreat in Santa Cruz Mtns, Mount Herman. Such lasting impression, this song has had on me throughout my adult I have all the verses~God Bless.



Thank you for this song. I sang this more than 20 years ago as a young Christian and recently the tune just came back. The lyrics here made it all complete!


Charlotte, NC, United States

What a memory jogger...I probably learned it at Sunnybrook Baptist Camp in 1963 or '64, the two summers I worked there. Good song.



Learned this song back in Chicago 50 years ahgo as a kid: at that time, if I remember rightly, it had been some prize-winning new hymn. Do we know who wrote/composed?

Kathy Hotchkiss

St. John, Usvi, United States Minor Outlying Islands

I love this because it brings back happy memories of Camp Sunnybrook nestled somewhere up in mountains of Pennsylvania. My friends Susan and Jan as well as some others would sing this and other songs as we rowed a boat around the lake. Camp Sunnybrook may have been affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of which I was a member (Plymouth Valley Baptist.