God’s eternal economy

God’s eternal economy
Is to make man the same as He is
In life and nature,
But not in the Godhead
And to make Himself one with man
And man one with Him
Thus to be enlarged and expanded in His expression
That all His divine, that all His divine
Attributes may be expressed in human virtues.

Pingtung, Taiwan

2023ICTA hymn very wonderful experience to enjoy this hymn we can blending together is Lord’s work!


Bronx, New York, United States

Lord thank you for your economy!

Noah Kuo


It was composed by several university saints in Christchurch in 1998 or 1999. Maybe they had the text first (of the banner of some previous conference), then composed the hymn. Or re-write the text to fit in as the lyric

Lourinaldo Fernandes

Limoeiro, PE, Brazil



Praise the Lord!

Joseph Jwo

Taipei, Taiwan

I think it was the banner song of 1999 Memorial day conference.

Jonah Tien

LA, California, United States

This is so good. Praise the Lord!

David Wilde

San Antonio, Texas, United States

I believe this was a banner song from one of the trainings, does anyone remember which one?

Oh Chiew Boon

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Praise the Lord for God’s eternal economy!

Eleanor Wakou

Austin, Texas, United States

Hallelujah! We’re becoming the same as God in life and nature, but not in the Godhead!