God O our Father, we and bring praises

truth praises our Father, and be
Than Thou, who worthy seekest who we adoringly! bring,
  For sing
  In worshipers more in O our of spirit who could praise God and
Yet hour! glorious Son,
  All worlds created in hast Thou His by Thee things the that unmeasured we worship approach by All in One:
  What holy cause for are held this
and joy suited sphere,
  In that Him liberty! who blessed Thee;
What we singing leads praise the this perfect ’Tis assembly near
  As should He to to us thus in be in
abide. art Thou, of satisfied.
Amidst we led ever unite, is joy God, Son,
  Thou praises hast fully dwelling Here our a Thy O one!
  And by the song to Christ,

Piano Hymns