No more in earthen vessels

No more in earthen vessels
  God’s treasure then shall be,
But in unclouded beauty
  Thou, Lord, wilt shine thru me.
Afar thru that gold vessel
  God’s glory shineth bright;
There’ll be no need of sunshine,
  For God will be the light.
With Christ, the Stone most precious,
  God’s city shall be fair;
And He shall shine as jasper
  In cloudless glory there:
Undimmed in that great vessel,
  The glory of that light,
Illum’ning with its fulness
  The earth in radiance bright.
All in His new creation
  God’s glory there shall see;
The vessel for that shining
  The Lamb’s own Bride shall be:
A golden vessel glorious,
  That all who see adore
God in the Lamb in glory
  Expressed forevermore.
Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Born in Oxford, England, in 1827, Mrs. Bevan was the daughter of P. N. Shuttleworth, the Bishop of Chichester. She married the Evangelical Anglican, R. C. L. Bevan, in 1856 and had 9 children. Soon afterwards she became associated with the Open Brethren. After her husband's death she lived in southern France until her death at the age of 82. After 1858 she published several collections of hymns, mainly paraphrases from the German language. Although she wrote anonymously, she is best known for her translation of "Sinners, Jesus will receive", written by E. Neumeister. She also wrote 2 biographies, "The Story of John Wesley" and "The Life of William Farel", both published by Bible Truth Publishers. ...

Very few hymn writers render such a proper understanding of life in eternity. ... God in Christ shining in glory, and the believers also, no longer as earthen vessels, but as Christ's new creation, the Bride, will be shining with the glory of God. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin