Christ, from whom all blessings flow

Christ, from whom all blessings flow,
Perfecting the saints below,
Hear us, who Thy nature share,
Who Thy mystic body are.
Join us, in one spirit join,
Let us still receive of Thine;
Still for more on Thee we call,
Thou who fillest all in all.
Move, and actuate, and guide:
Divers gifts to each divide;
Placed according to Thy will,
Let us all our work fulfil.
Sweetly may we all agree,
Touched with loving sympathy;
Kindly for each other care,
Every member feel its share.
Love, like death, hath all destroyed,
Rendered all distinctions void;
Names, and sects, and parties fall:
Thou, O Christ, art all in all.
Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

"Hear us, who Thy nature share,

Who Thy mystic body are."

Thank You Lord, we are partakers of the divine nature and members of Your body!

Alan Bainbridge

North Shields, North Tyneside, United Kingdom

This is one of Charles Wesley's very meaningful prayerful hymns sung to the very apt tune of Vienna.

Frank Dadzie

Legon-Accra, Accra, Ghana

Please can I get the meaning or the reason as well as the mystery behind the hymn 'CHRIST FROM ALL BLESSING FLOW. It is true that all blessing flows from the mediator of the new covenant.


Spokane, WA, United States

Who Thy mystic body are...

Remembering who we are in Christ throughout the day will be required of all those who will overcome sin, the flesh, and the devil to glorify God on the earth. To be one with Him, in His mystic body where no sin abides. What a glorious thought. I love this song!