Father, let Thy kingdom come

Father, let Thy kingdom come,
Let it come with living power;
Speak at length the final word,
Usher in the triumph hour.
As it came in days of old,
In the deepest hearts of men,
When Thy martyrs died for Thee,
Let it come, O God, again.
Tyrant thrones and idol shrines,
Let them from their place be hurled;
Enter on Thy better reign,
Wear the crown of this poor world.
Oh, what long, sad years have gone,
Since Thy Church was taught this prayer;
Oh, what eyes have watched and wept
For the dawning everywhere.
Break, triumphant day of God!
Break at last our hearts to cheer;
Throbbing souls and holy songs
Wait to hail Thy dawning here.
Empires, temples, scepters, thrones,
May they all for God be won;
And, in every human heart,
Father, let Thy kingdom come.
Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

In our local church we were covering the end of James about prayer, so I called this song during our Lord's Table (Holy Communion). This brought in a lot of testimonies about prayer.

Johnson F. Ajayi

United Kingdom

Learnt this in my secondary school days in 1968-70. It is a great prayer seeking to usher in the Kingdom of God. Father, let Thy kingdom come, Amen.

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