In the mighty Name of Jesus

In the mighty Name of Jesus,
  When we bow before the throne,
Many deadly foes are vanquished,
  Many victories are won.
  Mighty Name! Mighty Name!
In that Name alone we win.
Mighty Name! Mighty Name!
  Conquering Satan, death and sin.
When we plead the Name of Jesus,
  Satan and his hosts must flee.
Jesus! Jesus! Precious Jesus!
  In Thy Name is victory.
Soon shall come the blessed moment
  When the battle shall be won,
When the Mighty Name of Jesus
  Shall exalt us to the throne.
Hui Yu

Dix Hills, NY, United States

Mighty name, mighty name!

Kevin Palma

Compton, CA, United States

In His name comes only victory!

Sam Liu

Stony Brook, NY, United States

In Jesus’s name alone we won!!

Kola Adewumi

Brookline, MA, United States

I praise God for you. You are a blessing.

This song means a lot to me.

The Name of Jesus is Mighty in Power!!

Love you God bless you.

Our Lord reigns.

Jesus is Lord.

Suzanne Lapierre

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I like this hymn and it's meaning as a weapen in adversity when overwhelmed. I was searching for the music to sing it. Thank you very much!

Janet D Carter

Palm Desert, CA, United States

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus. In Thy Name is victory!


Mighty name! In the alone we win.

Mighty name! Conquering satan, death and sin!

Amen! Praise the Lord!

Dr Minjarez

El Monte, CA, United States

mighty name!!!!!!


Mighty name!

Armando Gonzales

Austin, Texas, United States

What a mighty name is Jesus! Satan and his host must flee! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus how I love Your mighty name!

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