Our God is living—say, Hallelujah

Our God is living—say, Hallelujah!
He’s living in us—say, Hallelujah!
  We taste His riches,
  He is our portion.
Just say ’O Lord’ to taste and see.
We come together—there’s nothing better—
For in the Spirit we are His family,
  His living Body!
  We just express Him.
Jesus is our reality.
In all the churches we’re being filled now
For the saturation throughout the nation,
  To spread our Jesus
  To every city—
This land will see the living Christ.
Nicole Mathiason

Fargo, ND, United States

Praise Him! He is the living One! He is the Lord of all and the Christ!


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Thank You, Lord, You're living! You're living IN us! Because You're living, we can be living! Overcome all death within us!

Shu-chen Hsu Hsiung

Edmonton, AB, Canada

God is living! In each land and in each city!

Michael Lee

Wickliffe, Ohio, United States

Hallelujah, we can get together in spirit and be saturated with God! May the Lord gain His testimony in more and more cities!

Delisa Beresford

Livingston, Montana, United States

It is so awesome to know that there are brothers and sisters in Kep, Cambodia who are enjoying the same living God as we are in a small city in Montana. We are His living Body! We just express Him, Jesus our reality. May the whole earth see this living Christ!


Kep, Cambodia

Thank you for sharing. We worship in the village and we love to learn new songs.

Our enjoyment of the Body-Christ is the reason we sing, "We come together—there's nothing better" (Hymns, #1196). Coming together as the Body-Christ is better than waiting for a heaven that is far away and in the future. In the church we come together here and now. There is nothing better than this, because nowhere else can we enjoy the Body-Christ. If we stay at home, we may be able to enjoy Christ as our power, wisdom, or other items, but in order to enjoy the Body-Christ, we must be in the church. We may miss many other things, but we should not miss one meeting of the church. It is in the church that we are in the position to drink the Body-Christ, the Christ who is the life-giving Spirit in the Body. There is no other place to drink the Body-Christ but in the coming together of the church. Even in the meetings of the local churches we do not enjoy Christ as much as we do in the conferences of the churches. In the conference meetings we enjoy an even greater Body-Christ. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay the price to come to the conferences. We cannot obtain such an enjoyment anywhere else. Hallelujah, in the church we enjoy the Body-Christ!