God in His justifying has a plan

God in His justifying has a plan,
A deeper purpose for a corporate man.
When we were called, this mighty Lord of all
Appeared to us to save us from the fall.
We walked as strangers unaware of Him,
But in His glory God shined deep within,
Infusing His own element in us;
This precious essence was our Lord Jesus.
What glory! How attractive was this light!
How we appreciated such a sight!
Our first reaction was belief in Him—
This precious God has placed Himself within.
Our first reflection of this element
Reflected Jesus back to God, Who sent
His own response to count as righteousness
Our faith in Him Who was infused in us.
But we would hold to this reality,
Our Jesus Christ in us our all to be,
Enjoying all He is abundantly,
Content to have this One eternally.
Thus God could never be so satisfied;
Knowing that we cared only to abide
In our experiences of His Son,
Not caring for His goal to make us one.
Still He would seek those faithful saints who’d hear
His call to give up everything so dear,
To offer up their individual Christ;
To come together for the Body life.

Louisiana, United States

This is so many saints testimony. Now we give up everything so dear, to offer up our individual Christ; to come together for the Body life.