We praise Thee, O God (as the Spirit)

We praise Thee, O God,
For the Spirit of Christ
Who has come to indwell us
And be all our life.
  Hallelujah! What a Spirit!
  Hallelujah! Within!
  Hallelujah! Life abundant
  That never shall end!
In spirit we sing
Of the One who has come
As the life-giving Spirit
With us to be one.
  Hallelujah! This is Jesus,
  Hallelujah! Still more,
  Hallelujah! He’s the Spirit,
  Our life evermore.
In spirit reborn,
We’re being transformed,
And to God’s Son completely
We’ll soon be conformed.
  Hallelujah! Life imparting,
  Hallelujah! Transformed,
  Hallelujah! Soon transfigured
  And to Him conformed!
Conformed we will be
As in spirit we feed
On the life of the One
Who knows all that we need.
  Hallelujah! Full salvation!
  Hallelujah! Our prize!
  Hallelujah! So sufficient
  For all of our lives.
Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

So sufficient for all of our lives!

Paulette King

Shoreline, WA, United States

This hymn was in my spirit this morning, so sweet and precious! What a spirit operating and conforming us as we continue to come into His glorious presence! Lord, keep us in Your presence all the day! Lord Jesus I love you!


Kampala, Uganda

O God

Glory Jung

Cypress, CA, United States

He is the Spirit!!!

Nordette Creary

Nampa, Idaho, United States



Houston, TX, United States

This song has a fourth stanza!!!

Daniel Smith

Fairborn, OH, United States

Hallelujah! So sufficient for all of our lives!


PA, United States

Hallelujah the life-giving Spirit!

Frank Aduadjoe

Accra, Ghana

Praise the Lord for all the processes He passed through, incarnation, human living, crucifixion, death, resurrection, ascension to become the life-giving Spirit. Now when we call upon His name, we partake of all His attainments and accomplishments. Praise you Lord for being so available to us. Amen.

Alex Abatzoglou

Huntington Beach, CA, United States

I love this song because it is the Spirit that gives life!

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