Oh, blow upon us, Lord, while here we wait on Thee

Juliana Pereira


Thank for sharing this testimony :)

Alvin Lo

Hong Kong

I am a very lazy person, and often slack off while I am studying. I am not always spiritually strong either. Sometimes I backslide.

I have learned a way to revive myself quickly, which is to pray for revival! It may sound strange, but it works. I often sing this hymn, as well as hymn 274, when I need revival and power, either for my studies or for the Lord's work (spreading the gospel, for example).

Singing this hymn, preferably aloud and prayerfully, gives you very quick revival. I experience that the Lord is really fast in answering this kind of prayers. Oh Lord Jesus, blow upon me! Blow away my sloth and sleep! Revive me! Set me on fire! Give me power! A few of these and your spirit will wake up.

Overcomers are not without failures, but they turn to the Lord fast. We need to become such believers. Revive us Lord Jesus!