A story you should know

I’ve got a story you should know,
Happened many years ago,
Long before this world was known to you or me.
A man named Jesus came and died,
On the cross was crucified.
There He gave Himself to set all people free!
You see, this world was lost in sin,
People’s hearts were dark within,
But God loved us just too much to let us go.
So then He sent His only Son
’Cause He knew he needed One
Who could rescue all His loved ones here below.
At first nobody would believe,
And they failed to receive
The free gift of life that only He could give.
But when He died that awful day,
He took all our sins away,
That to Him we might now look and, thereby, live.
So won’t you open from within,
Let Him take away your sin,
’Cause He’d like to be your Savior tried and true.
And you will never be the same,
Once you call upon His name,
And His wonderful salvation reaches you!

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Wow amazing & wonderful gospel song, i like it! so much!

I love to sing this song together w/ my friends.

It just a story that we should know, haha.

Reymar Yu Endrinal

Iligan City, Philppines

This hymn is the most touchable because when I sing this song my friend was encourage because it is a gospel song. Through this song I bear fruit it is a gospel song. "So i like it to sing in front of my friends".

Steve Lin

Franklin Park, NJ, U.S.A.

Good. Very good.


Because this song is talking to me.