Days grew dark, O God

Days grew dark, O God,
Cords of Sheol surrounded me;
The snares of death came forth,
Destruction had assailed on me;
And in my deep distress
I called upon His name.
He heard my voice, descended down
And saved me by His hand.
  I will call on You,
For You will answer me.
God hears me, speak to Thee,
My refuge’s in Your love.
God is my retreat,
I’m the pupil of His eye.
My crag, my rock, my shield,
My strength is God in Him I lie.
The shadow of His wings
Is now the place I hide;
His presence here, my comfort here,
All by one simple word.
God, I know one thing:
You’re the song within my heart.
You are a boundless stream,
You flow in me to my delight.
Oh just fill me now,
Satisfaction’s in Your life.
I want to stay, here with You,
Salvation’s in Your name.
Samuel Anyakwu

San Antonio, Texas, United States

My strength is God in Him I lie!

Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

“My refuge’s in Your love! ”

Shervy Mae Yañez

Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Oh, I will call on you Lord. For You will answer me!

Jasper Zald

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

No matter how. Amen


London, United Kingdom

Lord Jesus You’re the song within my heart.

Corazon Blanco

Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Lord my Saviour, please comform me.

Angel Keziah Calo

Butuan City, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

Lord I will call on You for You will answer me 🥺❤️

Marilyn Sung


I'm the pupil of His eyes, His presence here is my comfort.

Oh Lord Jesus I love You

Christian Savopoulos

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Call on Him, He will answer you.

The Lord hears you, just speak to Him.

James Uzziel Varquez

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Mutawag nimo, og Imong tubagon.