Make me holy as You!

Up the mount, I am coming;
To Your call, I’m responding.
Dearest Lord, I am here to seek Your face.
I have seen how my living
Falls so short of Your building—
How could I match You, Lord, without Your grace?
  Make me holy as You!
This is Your promise true!
Purify me for the building of Your house.
Cleanse me from all things sinful;
Deal with all worldly idols.
Separate me from all defilement.
Then impart life into me;
Flow throughout my whole being.
Saturate me with Your life element.
Here the air is so clear, Lord.
Speak to me through Your Word more.
Have Your way in me; heav’nly Light, do shine!
Search my heart, every chamber;
From each part, darkness scatter.
Make my whole body full of light divine!*
* cf. Matt. 6:22
In Your presence, I linger.
It’s Your beauty—I’m captured!
You have won me with Your attractiveness.
Vanity I’m exhaling,
All Your fullness inhaling;
Deeply breathe into me Your holiness.
Purify and make holy
And reconstitute fully—
Keep me growing, pursuing, in this way.
Gain us, Lord, for Your building!
For the Body, we’re willing!
To fulfill Your heart’s longing we will say:
  We will rise up and build!
Spirits stirred up, hearts filled,
We love You and we give all to build Your house!
Joseph Fabian Tripura

Chittagong, Bandarban, Bangladesh

I love this song. Praise the Lord

Joyce Mira

North York, Ontario, Canada

Lord Jesus, We are here for your building! Purify us for the building of your house.

Bob Baer

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Just discovered this hymn. What a blessed, poignant, tender expression of a desire for holiness in life and service. Both tune and words. Got to say this goes along with how the Lord is leading in these days and my seeking too.

Daniel Hsu

Berkeley, CA, United States

Lord, we love You and give all to build Your house!