In Him Who’s Able

In Him who’s able,
Full rest and perfect peace;
In Him who’s faithful,
Supply can never cease.
I need not strive now,
Self-effort, strength deplete.
But to Him I bow,
In the “I Am” believe.
  By faith I now see Him,
Jehovah, Elohim;
Fulfilling One He is,
In all His promises.
In all His promises.
Those on my heart, I give
To Him who will perfect,
Ground, and establish,
For these are His elect.
Faithful is He who calls
Who also will complete
The good work in them all,
Nothing unfinished leave.
  By faith I look away
From change that seems halfway,
But on faith’s Author gaze,
Perfecter, all the way.
Perfecter, all the way.
I simply give my strength
To Him, cooperate,
Dropping my wings at length
To let Him operate.
’Tis He who causes growth,
Not toil, struggle, strain,
Nor strategies and goals,
But letting His light reign.
  No darkness—all is light;
’Tis He who gives the sight
To see a vision bright
Of only Jesus Christ.
Of only Jesus Christ.
I cannot help but praise,
What wisdom manifest!
The rightness of His ways
I worship and attest.
I can no more hold in
My sacrifice of praise,
For He has faithful been,
And will remain always.
  Fruit of my lips to Him,
Now overflows the brim;
His throne on praise is raised.
Out of my mouth, I praise,
Yes, He’s perfected praise!
S Kunnath

Nebraska, United States

Believing and praying this for my children. That the faithful Lord will draw them and keep them.

Che Butterfield

Kansas City, MO, United States

What a beautiful and awe inspiring hymn! 🇺🇸

Olugbenga Oluwagbemiro

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

Thanks to the writer. This song has blessed my heart tremendously to reverence God the more.

Lizza Jane

Ocean City, NJ, United States

I can relate to this song also. Had just been praying for my adult children to return to The Lord and I found this song.

Mariela Arzabe

Atlanta, GA

Wow! What a song! I bet you it was a parent who wrote it! I would love to see someone sing it and post it on SoundCloud. I can totally relate to the experience of the writer.