A divine, romantic story

There is a great mystery,
A wonderful story;
For ages ’twas hidden,
Now shown in His wisdom;
’Tis a divine romance
Of God and man in time;
Beyond understanding,
Yet seen in God’s speaking.
  God fell in love with man;
For only God’s love can
Make man just the same as He
In life and in nature.
We are His expression,
His bride, His enlargement;
Forever, together,
As living, insep’rable as one couple
Though He was rejected
By men who were blinded;
His love is constraining,
His heart still unchanging;
Thus in incarnation
Came He as salvation;
His name is called Jesus,
And He came to seek us.
Though born as a sinner,
His blood has redeemed me.
He suffered on Calv’ry,
Then raised up in glory,
To regenerate me.
Now joined in one spirit
I love to enjoy Him,
For I’ve been forgiven!
His love is so tender,
To Him I’ll surrender;
His name is so precious,
I gladly call, “Jesus!”
His Person’s so charming,
My heart ever winning;
I’ll hold back no longer,
I’ll love Him forever.
Nancy Goss

Falls Church, VA, United States

Beautiful! What a wonderful God-man Savior.


Grand Fork, North Dakota

Living inseparable as one couple eternally!!

Gildete Magalhães De Souza

Jequié, Bahia, Brazil

Praise the Lord!!! We thank the Lord for His wonderful love!!! We love the Lord!!! Thank You, dear Lord! Praise Your name! I love You Lord Jesus! I am crazy about You! You are precious! I love You (kiss)! Oh! Lord, You are beautiful!

Bernadette S. Audije

San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

Praise the Lord, for revealing the mystery to us that God desires to wrought Himself to us for us to be His expression and enlargement; amen for eternally we will be one with Him and live as ONE COUPLE. Amen!


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Beautiful hymn. So Cool.

Mary Jane Bulahan

Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines

I am stirred up inside out. S inspiring. Christ is irresistibly lovely.

Jay Ar

Quirino, Philippines

How great this is, so I will love it forever.

Adam Last Adam

New Jerusalem, Indonesia

Hallelujah! We inseparable from His love. Lord Jesus!


Kampala, Uganda

Saints who are we that the great mystery, which had been hidden for ages has now been revealed to us! we are those who have been regenerated, redeemed, forgiven, those who will hold back no longer!


Moreno Valley, CA, United States

What a price our Lord had to pay for us. He did not give up on us because of His love. He did not concider the high price he had to pay to win us back to Him, to restore us back to Him. Oh Lord Jesus! Lord we love You! Lord Your love has melted my heart!