A divine, romantic story

There is a great mystery,
A wonderful story;
For ages ’twas hidden,
Now shown in His wisdom;
’Tis a divine romance
Of God and man in time;
Beyond understanding,
Yet seen in God’s speaking.
  God fell in love with man;
For only God’s love can
Make man just the same as He
In life and in nature.
We are His expression,
His bride, His enlargement;
Forever, together,
As living, insep’rable as one couple
Though He was rejected
By men who were blinded;
His love is constraining,
His heart still unchanging;
Thus in incarnation
Came He as salvation;
His name is called Jesus,
And He came to seek us.
Though born as a sinner,
His blood has redeemed me.
He suffered on Calv’ry,
Then raised up in glory,
To regenerate me.
Now joined in one spirit
I love to enjoy Him,
For I’ve been forgiven!
His love is so tender,
To Him I’ll surrender;
His name is so precious,
I gladly call, “Jesus!”
His Person’s so charming,
My heart ever winning;
I’ll hold back no longer,
I’ll love Him forever.

Nueva Ecija, Philippines

"His Person’s so charming,

My heart ever winning;

I’ll hold back no longer,

I’ll love Him forever."

Thank You Lord, You are so charming! Seeing You simply constrains us to love You forever. Our testimony now is that, 'You've won our hearts. '



Thank You Lord for Your unchanging heart.

The Bride

Ansan, South Korea

Thank You Lord

I've been heard this song so much time as one song of many that just I KNOW.

But when I appreciate this song with such a divine and romantic lyric, I just got touched by His love.

How wonderful and unspeakable Love!

Lord You are from eternity past and still now preparing Your corporate bride for Your eternal joy!

Hallelujah we are His bride and a part of Him inseparable forever and ever!

Sien Lie

Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia

His love is so tender, to Him I'll surrender.... His name is so precious... Oh Lord Jesus what a precious name, a lovely name...

Jeremy Tan

Irvine, CA, United States

What a beautiful song! His love is so tender, To Him I’ll surrender, His name is so precious, I gladly call, Jesus!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Then raised up in glory!


Ep, TX, United States

Oh thank You Lord! Your blood has redeemed us! Oh Lord to regenerate us, joined in one spirit!

Recovered sinner

Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

I highly touched by this words.. amazing.. yes this is a great mystery, for ages was hidden, Now shown in HIS wisdom. 1 Timothy 3:16: God came in flesh for worst full sinners.. this song is wonder full gospel to us... amen.....Lord we need to love You more........


La Jolla, CA, United States

Thank You for seeking me.

Thank You for forgiving my sins.

Thank You for being together with me.

Thank You for loving me eternally.

I love You God forever and ever.


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Thank You Lord for Your everlasting love.